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The company I worked for made a number of serious safety and

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The company I worked for made a number of serious safety and policy violations that I can prove.

I spoke up and was "laid off".

With no contract, I understand that by law they don't have to provide a reason for my dismissal, or any reason they choose.

So my question is this.

If I contact the project director and tell her why I believe I was laid off, and that I am considering legal action for the violations, does this constitute a threat or blackmail?

My guess is she will likely bring me back rather than face the possibility that the volations will come to light.

However, I don't want to misstep legal boundaries.

Thanks, Bob
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to assisting you today. I bring nearly 20 years of experience in various legal disciplines.

No, it isn't black mail. It is a threat, but it's not an illegal threat.

We do this all the time, in demand letters. Suing someone is a legal right, so informing someone that you are considering a suit is not improper.
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