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i was pulled over my th epolice saying i was in a stolen vehicle,

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i was pulled over my th epolice saying i was in a stolen vehicle, which was my company vehicle, pulled out and handcuffed with my wife and 3 year old, handcuffed the wife also, then my employer said it wasnt stolen they just wanted me out of the vehicle. put me in a hotel and gave me 200 to get home with which was 6 hours away. fired me by email the next morning, is that legal/

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Had the employer informed you that you did not have permission to use the vehicle?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they had asked me to meet up with some other emplyees a hour away from where i was to get a "tool" when i was on the way to meet them i was being followed by another emplyee, so i asked a guy in my office what was going on he said they were going to let me go, unofficially he spoke, so i turned around and headed towards home, which was where my boss knew i was heading. I was never told not to be in the vehicle or anything.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Now I can't even get the reason for termination

The issue is whether the employer believed you were fleeing or otherwise using the vehicle without permission. Making a false police report is a crime. The issue would turn on the employer's knowledge and intent. Law enforcement and prosecutors would determine if pursuing the employer was appropriate. You may file a complaint if you feel the police report and stop were improper and caused by the employer. You may also want to file a complaint with the US Department of Labor here:

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

fleeing? Driving my family home so I dont get stuck 6-7 hours away when i was told by my boss that the main thing is to get home safley, with the truck. I was going home to avoid being stuck out of state with my wife and kid. Would that be considered fleeing?

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As to your question, I was not indicating you were fleeing. From the police point of view they were probably told you were informed you were terminated and took the vehicle. This would be misleading as you were not officially terminated nor asked to return the vehicle. This is why I raised the issue of a false police report. You should consider pushing that issue with the law enforcement department who pulled you over as that seems inappropriate. Likely, they were not given important details and were mislead. Please continue to follow-up as this is intended to be an ongoing discussion.

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