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My wife is a teacher and she was fired today. She is pregnant.

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My wife is a teacher and she was fired today. She is pregnant. This is her third year teaching and is pregnant for the 2nd time in two years. Her bosses based her firing off of what 3 students have said (complete lies). They did not interview all of her classes nor all of her students. Only 7 including the three that hate her. All 4 of the other students had nothing negative to say about my wife. The students that were against her have been against her since last year saying all over social media how they will make things up to get my wife fired because they didnt like her. (One student is against her because she reported her for cutting{ Which my wife is required to do} and has been ever since. This student has caused multiple problems in the classroom and has been reported not just by my wife but parents as well (for that student threatening their children).

My wife had a meeting yesterday and the principles were upset that this student and her friend were saying that my wife was playing favorites. That my wife called a students mother a bitch to that student, that my wife told her students that she was pregnant, and a whole bunch of other hogwash.

Multiple students (that are not against my wife) went to the principles office saying that they are concerned from for my wife because of the drama and stress these three students are committing. They continued to state that they are concerned for her unborn baby because of the stress.... This infuriated the principles and they stated that this was a major concern for them because it shows my wife has a too close of relationship to her students. My wife teaches childcare for crying out loud. She is the baby project teacher. Of course her students will address their concerns.

Do I by any means have a case here for pregnancy discrimination? There reasons to fire her sound very pretextual to me.

Daniel : Hello,
Daniel : was she fired because of the pregnancy?

pretextually yes. I don't think any employer will come out and say that. During her two meetings she had her union rep there with her and he even agreed that they seemed very upset about her anouncing her pregnancy to her students and that they felt it was very concerning for a childcare student to approach them about the drama and stress levels in the class and how it could effect my wife's pregnancy

Daniel :

A claim of discrimination may be pursued where employer has retaliated for this condition. It need not be expressly stated as the motive but may be inferred from circumstances including treatment and timing. Such a claim is typically pursued through local counsel negotiating a settlement and pursuing civil action/eeoc complaint

Daniel :

Is that clear?


yes sir. Thank you I appreciate it.

Daniel :

Very welcome

Daniel :

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