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I am an RN in Texas. I work for a dialysis company. On a regular

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I am an RN in Texas. I work for a dialysis company. On a regular basis my nursing director schedules me to work a 12 shift and be on call until the next day. A typical work week can be work Tues, Wed, Thurs. and Friday and be on call from Friday @ 6 pm until Saturday 6 am. I might have a day off and then Return Monday work a 12 hr shift and be on call until 6 am Tues and be required to work Tuesday. What are the maximum hours I can work as an RN in Texas.
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The problem here is that "on call" hours are not considered work under the law. So, the time that you are on call is considered time off, legally, except when you actually come into work during that on call period.

For health care workers, you can't be required to do mandatory overtime beyond your regular number of scheduled hours per week. So, if you are regularly scheduled 40 hours a week, you can't be forced to work more than that number of you are regularly scheduled. The law specifically allows you to be worked "an unlimited number of days consecutively, without giving" you rest (that is a quote from the summary of the 2009 law), they can't require you to work unscheduled hours.

That is really the only prohibition. If you are regularly scheduled the hours and it is not a situation where they are say "hey...we just had someone cancel, you must work overtime today" then they can legally work you every day of the week.

I do wish that I could tell you differently here, but regrettably that is how the law reads in your state.
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