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I am a salaried employee. I am a Senior Project Manager where

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I am a salaried employee. I am a Senior Project Manager where what I do is not tied to hourly workers performing their direct work. The company policy is that mandatory work Saturdays can be called at any time for all employees of the company. Salaried employees are required to work a full day with no extra pay. Is it legally right for them to mandate and require this as a condition of employment ?
Thank you for your question today, I look forward to assisting you. I bring nearly 20 years of legal experience in various disciplines.

Unfortunately, it is. An employer can mandate overtime for hourly or salaried employees. There is a common misconception that salaried employees can not have their hours dictated to them. That's not actually true. An employer can even require a salaried employee to use a time card, keeping track of the exact number of hours that they work.

What matters is what they do with that information. The employer can't reduce a salaried employee's wages in any day that they work at all. So, if a salaried employee worked one hour on Monday, the employer can't reduce their check by 7 hours.

But the employer can say "you need to make those hours up or you face suspension, termination or we're going to take 7 hours of your vacation away."
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