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Hi, Before my disability i had two jobs . One were I am an

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Before my disability i had two jobs . One were I am an employee and have to be at work , and another one where i have a w9 and just need to send some client. This one i can do from home and can continue doing it from home. Can i keep receiving checks from the second job and get disability from the one that i applied disability from ?how does it work ?

wallstreetfighter :

Hello I am a licensed attorney here to help you with your question, please review my response and do not hesitate to ask for clarification

wallstreetfighter :

Is the disability from a private employer?

Customer: The disabilty is from a private employer
wallstreetfighter :

If it is from a private a private disability plan, you are able to work and still receive insurance benefits at the same time. Your private disability plan pays residual benefits to you if your income falls by 20 percent or more due to your disabilities. Generally, residual benefits amount to 50 percent of your full monthly disability payments.

Customer: Last year i didnt have the other job where i have the w9 and can continue doing from home
wallstreetfighter :

it should not be a major issue,

wallstreetfighter :

unless your income is very high, it should not hurt your private insurance payments

Customer: Iam receiving disability from the government on the salary that i had when i was working as an employee in a private company
Customer: Its about 600/ week , and im receiving about 500 from disability ?
wallstreetfighter :

if you have government disability your income must be reported, and they could reduce your government benefit

Customer: I got you, do you have a phone number where i csn ask those questions to see if i should keep the other job or not ?
wallstreetfighter :

your income limits are set to no more than $1,000 a month before your Social Security benefits are affected.

wallstreetfighter :

You can call social security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (

Customer: Its not social security benfit that i get, its empluement disability that im getting for the mext couple of month because i have rhyroid cancer
Customer: Thyroid
wallstreetfighter :

if it is private you should be fine,

wallstreetfighter :

if it is government disability they have income limits,

wallstreetfighter :

You need to contact your HR of the employer to contact the private disability insurer

Customer: So what will happen is they will readjust my disability so that my income is not higher than 1000 dollar /week between the salaary from the job and the salary from the disabilty, right ?
wallstreetfighter :

no, private insurance companies are different, and usually will adjust the payment to what your former salary was not the social security $1000 per month rule

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