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We have two employees that have recently talked with our other

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We have two employees that have recently talked with our other employees and asked them to follow them to their new restaurant. They were talking about buying a restaurant and quitting us without a notice. They actually approached our manager who is very loyal and indicated that they were leaving within the month. They also told the same story around town (small Town). The deal fell through as the restaurant was a mess but I would like to know the best way to deal with this without having to pay unemployment as we don't want them employed if they are that disloyal and talking behind our back.

Hi, Lori, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you.


I am sorry to hear about your situation. This is a widespread problem in that employees do not show any loyalty any more towards their employer.


You are taking the proper steps by reducing their hours. I believe that it is safe to assume that you do not have any written Employment Agreement with any of these employees, and as such, you can reduce their hours, assign them shifts which will inconvenience them, even assign them additional work detail during or after their shift. You could even alternate their shifts every week, if that is what you, as the employer, needed. The employees will have no grounds to complain, nor would you be liable to them in any way by these changes. An additional step that you can take as an added measure is to pay special attention to what time they arrive for work and what time they leave work, as well as noting in their files if they are properly and correctly carrying out their responsibilities such as how they are treating the customers - Do they greet the customers as they arrive ? Do they smile ? Are they pleasant ? Are they rude ?


You can set the bar as high as you like and it will not be long before they either leave on their own, or they are terminated for cause, in which case, they would not be eligible for Unemployment Compensation Benefits,





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