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I apologize in advance for the long story. I work at a small

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I apologize in advance for the long story. I work at a small family owned company
(10-12 people) in New Jersey, I live in Pennsylvania. I have an ongoing situation at work. I had a relationship with someone that I work with closely (10/2007-12/2011). She was married by the way, I know, big mistake. She hurt me pretty bad in the break up
(long story). She had sex with a close friend, someone I work with closely also. I haven't been able to get passed it, even suicidal. In retaliation I exposed her to her husband.

My boss knew about us all along. I am in therapy, taking medication, trying to do what I can to get passed it but just can't. My boss was going to fire them when it happened (2/12), I even asked him not to and he didn't. Recently my boss promoted her to where she is pretty much in control of the company. Ironic how someone goes from almost being fired to running a company. I understand that he has that right but it does not help my situation. I try to stay away as much as I can but she does not respect the fact that I am not over what happened. I believe she is an evil, manipulating, lying person (I am not the only one) to a point that I am afraid of her. I can not defend myself when I get into confrontations with her, she is a good liar.

I'm glad she can act like I never existed but for some reason I can not. I recently had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized because I was suicidal. I took myself to an emergency room. I asked my boss not to disclose any information but he admitted to me recently that he told the one person I did not want to know, my ex. She went ahead and told other people at work. A coworker told me so. Is any of that illegal? Do I have any legal rights? I have been having a really hard time performing my duties, it even affects me at home. I am married now. I met my wife shortly after. I haven't been to work in about 2 weeks. My boss said I can take all the time I need to get better and I am better as long as I don't think about work. My therapist says it's a toxic situation for me. My boss recently told me I need to get passed it, and even got upset with me when I confronted him about the information he told my ex. He is a PHD and a pharmacist, I would think he would understand how the mind works. He has even said he is Bipolar and takes medication. Can I ask them to lay me off so I can get unemployment? His brother does the accounting and likes me very much. My boss likes me too but it hasn't been the same since this happened. I have some leverage since I am the only one that can do my job at least for now. I was told my ex is trying her best to work around that by having other workers try but they're having a hard time. My wife does not want me to return and I have to consider it. I feel this is a hostile work environment. Do I have any right to unemployment if I resign? What can I do? When I'm at work I just want to go into a corner and hide, it may sound dumb, but that's my reality. It's not a job I can just walk away from (Senior Technician) because I make more money than most. But what good is it if I can't function there anymore and it affects everyone around me? Again; Do I have any right to unemployment if I resign? Do I collect in NJ or PA? What can I do legally? I would not pursue them legally if they do not deny me unemployment.
Welcome and thank you for your question

I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing you true and correct information in this regard.

Please remember, I can only answer what you ask and so if you have follow up questions, please post them here for full and accurate information before rating. If there are no other questions in this regard then I thank you in advance for your positive rating

I am sorry that you are experiencing this matter.

Your employer had no right to disclose any of your medical history to anyone. And therefore, nor did this Female you were hanging with

I suggest that you should consider consulting with a local attorney about this breach of your privacy and then they can write a letter about it and in the end it may be that the botXXXXX XXXXXne would they would fire you and let you collect the unemployment or the attonrey can negoiate another deal with them to your fianancial benefit.

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