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On June 25, 2013 - I, Glenn Esposito requested a committee-call

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On June 25, 2013 - I, Glenn Esposito requested a committee-call because of the five month ongoing ordeal of removing the electricians from Team #4, and after discussing the issue with my supervisor. I was granted a committee-call because there wasn’t any new information about Team #4 changing from MULTI-TRADE to TRADE SPECIFIC. Orlando Cruz is my 2nd shift U.A.W Committee- person and Shop Committee- person And during my Committee- call I NOTICED Orlando Cruz taking notes of what I was saying, but was having trouble because Bill Kanchok and others were asking questions, therefore, Orlando Cruz became angry and frustrated and said “this committee-call is over”.

The next day 6-26-2013 my supervisor was informed by U.A.W. Local 1714 officials that Glenn Esposito and Bill Kanchok are to attend a Team #4 meeting on the 1st floor labor relations conference room. However as I entered the room I noticed most of the Shop-Committee, XXXXX XXXXX, Orlando Cruz, Joe Battist, Dennis Prushy, and Shop Chairperson Will Adams. Absent were the rest of Team #4 members and anyone from management; therefore, I know this was a set up. Then Orlando Cruz said “Should I FEAR FOR MY KIDS” I had previously told Orlando Cruz because of the company granting him special favors, such as flex time and keeping his alternate Committee person at the work center and not working on the manufacturing floor he is violating the International Agreement. Because Orlando Cruz is receiving favors from management he has failed to represent me and I should file a lawsuit against him. However, Orlando Cruz surprised me when he said “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TOO” and “I’M TIRED OF YOUR BROTHER TELLING ME I’LL LOOK GOOD IN ORANGE” I was shocked and intimidated by Orlando Cruz’s threat. Then Shop Committee members Joe Battist and Dennis Prusky began talking to me and said “Do you know how expensive a lawyer would be and how lengthy a lawsuit against the Union would be?”.

Then XXXXX XXXXX began shouting at me “why was his named mentioned” in regards XXXXX XXXXX removal of electricians from Team #4, so I reminded him that we spoke at the March 17, 2013 regular Union meeting and you said that the decision to become trade specific came a from conversation that you had with the International Union. I then requested the name of the International representative. XXXXX XXXXX didn’t reply, so then XXXXX XXXXX changed his story and said the “geography” was incorrect according to the 2007 & 2009 International agreement, so I challenged him by saying there is a 2011 International agreement and I don’t care about expired agreements. Once again XXXXX XXXXX changed his mind by quoting page 26 of the Local agreement reduction in force lay-off and showing me the flow chart. Once again I TOLD XXXXX XXXXX the language doesn’t apply to the issue at hand.

After five months I find myself arguing with XXXXX XXXXX again HOWEVER, XXXXX XXXXX said something very interesting that “he lost his job as a machinist” and said it four times during this meeting also he said “I don’t control the Shop Committee’’ yet XXXXX XXXXX did almost all the taking at this meeting. XXXXX XXXXX has his own agenda, and on July 17, 2013 Management and the Union announced that team#4 will become trade specific according to the International Agreement. Why DO I have to follow the International agreement when U.A.W. 1714 Shop Committee violates the agreement?


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Are you asking about your recourse against union as to unfair representation?

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes and what do you recommend? Can I file a complaint with the Dept of labor, or the NRLB ? and how would I go about this?

I appreciate your patience. Timeliness is very important in these matters. This would be an issue appropriate for the NLRB.

The time to file a complaint or civil suit concerning unfair union representation is only six months. The cheapest and easiest route is to file a charge with the NLRB. An investigator will examine the charge and if appropriate will issue a complaint. That process can be started here:

Please follow-up with me as needed. I hope you will take a moment to leave a positive rating for my efforts here. Please do not hesitate to follow-up with me if you cannot leave a positive service rating. Your satisfaction is my goal. I rely on these service ratings. I appreciate it.

Thank you

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