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Ill try to make this as brief as possible but in 2007 I was

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I'll try to make this as brief as possible but in 2007 I was fired from my job for working unauthorized overtime. This fact is not true as I was the Office Manager for our local Water Authority and the past minutes clearly indicated. I was authorized to work overtime as I deemed necessary; therefore my co-worker and I worked many, many hours to complete the billing process as our computer had crashed and it was impossible to complete the job in the allotted time period. This act led to further investigation when the Plant Manager was "snooping" at papers on my desk, saw I had grossed $96,600.25 for the end of year summary and totally "flipped out" as I had made more than he did. He immediately stormed out of the office, contacted the Board President, and the brutality began. I don't have the time nor space to explain everything but in the end, a Criminal Investigator was called in as the Board was positive there was "hanky-panky"
also involved. Nonetheless, the Criminal Investigator's findings were Judy Arrow was authorized to work the overtime, use the facsimile stamp, no money was missing, and financial records were not altered in any way. End of assassination, right? WRONG! I was fired for idiotic reasons - mainly I let one of the Supervisor's 3 year old grandson answer the phone, and in the end I was turned into State Ethics......and YES, State Ethics questioned how I handled different things - which had all been approved by the Board - but my husband and I chose to pay them $54,107.32 which is the exact amount between what my original W2 showed and what the altered W2 showed. (Sorry, I got ahead of myself here!) This did irritate me as I was doing my job the same way for 25 years and never once was I questioned, but these MAFIA Board Members just had to further prove their point and actually CHANGED my W2's for 2005-2006- and 2007. WHY? They didn't want me to get an above average retirement settlement so all of these figures were lowered and my pension amounts to approximately $1700 a month, when in actuality it should be double that amount. I could care less about the retirement issue but I do care about my W2's being altered as I had paid taxes on these amounts and so what do I do. I've suffered immensely since this occurrence - had a total nervous breakdown, developed two different types of cancer, and I will never recover from this crucifixion. Any advice?
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

The employer cannot CHANGE a W-2, since the W-2 is filed with the IRS and those original forms can be obtained from the IRS as well as from the copies submitted with your tax returns from those years, which you have a right to request from the IRS.

At this point you need to make the request to the IRS for copies of your tax returns for those years, if you do not have your own with your own copy of the W-2 forms before they were altered. Once you have those copies, then you have grounds to sue the board as a whole and individually/personally (if you know specifically which board member did this) for all of these damages under the theory of fraud, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As far as your attorney's conduct. If his conduct was inappropriate such as having an affair with opposing counsel, this is a violation of the code of professional conduct and needs to be reported to the PA Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the Bar Association and this can get him sanctioned. IN addition to that complaint, you also would be able to pursue him for malpractice if his conduct in your case did not recover the losses that you suffered as a result of the conduct against you. This would require you to use a legal malpractice attorney, but it sounds from what you are saying about his conduct of having an affair with opposing counsel alone you have enough to collect damages from the attorney for malpractice.

Legally, these are your options on this case to pursue your legal redress.

To get a local reputable attorney, you can use the same sites used by other attorneys, or or as all of these sites check out the attorneys before listing them.

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