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I attended a private music college in Chicago. Two different

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I attended a private music college in Chicago. Two different degrees were offered. I chose the alternate degree and was told by the dean that comps and hours did NOT have to be completed to receive the alternate degree (pre certification degree). 6 weeks after graduation and not receiving my degree paper I contacted her to see why the delay. She wrote me and my parents an e-mail saying that she reviewed the degree requirements and NOW FOUND THAT THE comps and hours had to be completed so I could NOT get my degree as promised until I went back to do the remaining comps and turn in my few hours I needed. It's been 6 WEEKS since I 'graduated' and I could have had this ALL COMPLETED if I had known. Now there is further delay for me to receive my degree because I have to go BACK and do what I was originally told I would not have to do. I am very angry because this will hold me back now from getting a job position I was applying for.

Welcome and thank you for your question


I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing you true and correct information in this regard.

Please remember, I can only answer what you ask and so if you have follow up questions, please post them here for full and accurate information before rating. If there are no other questions in this regard then I thank you in advance for your positive rating

I am sorry to hear of this matter.


I suggest that you may request that an audit is conducted so that you may review the files of the other graduates in this class to see that they all have completed the hours as you are now being told you must complete.

Unfortunately, unless this was in writing that you did not have to complete these hours, then it would be difficult to prove that you were given that information


So if you write a request to do the audit of the other files so you can be sure there is no discrimination and that all the other students had to perform in the same manner and you find out that is not the case, then you may have a basis to demand your degree.


I suggest that you might want to have a local attorney write that request for you regarding the Audit. That way the school's legal department will take that request seriously.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't feel I was discriminated against and most likely the other students going for that degree would not get it unless they completed the 'said' requirements. The only thing we have in an e-mail is that the dean had 'reviewed' the regulations and FOUND that comps and hours had to be completed. I don't know if THAT alone would be enough to be considered that she TOLD ME during a previous verbal meeting that I did not need the comps and hours?



Unfortunately, unless the email says something like "A previous statement was in error" Then it would not help you at all.

I am sorry that this has happened to you. I wish it was better news. I suggest after you finish you hours and get your degree you could file a complaint with the Board of Regents as they oversee these schools - But without evidence of being told that originally you would be barking up a tree

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When we met in May your decision to opt for the optional degree was quite a surprise at a very busy time. Upon recent further review of the NASM acceptance of the degree, it occurred to me that you are just short of the requirements for the B.M. (pre-certification) degree.


THIS IS WHAT the e-mail this of any help for my situation?



I know this is not the news you hoped to receive, and I apologize for leading you to believe that you were "all set". Nevertheless, the requirements are stated clearly and will need to be observed.



Yes, I suggest that you could argue that they were Negligent and that it was not a clerical error but due to negligence based on them self reportedly being "Busy"


I suggest that you can write them a letter and explain your dismay and disappointment and that you want them to comp you the hours - though you will complete them. But because of their negligence you have missed out on an employment opportunity.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok Sam one more point and I wont bother you. If I write them a letter telling them they should comp me and then actually go to the school to do the few comps I'm quite sure they will give me a very rough time. This school is not like a normal college...although they turn out good music educators they rule with whips and chains. I agree with all you said here and I thank you...but how could I tell them I wanted my comps complete and then go there and do them without them really harrassing me? I know they would. :-(



Well, I suggest you take one step at a time. Don't assume they will harass you.


Write the letter and tell them because of their error and negligence you want to be compensated for the hours - meaning you take the courses free of cost. State that you prefer to do this amicably. And that you just want to get in and done without any further aggravation to either of you.


I suggest that is all you can do. If they harass you, then that would be another step and I suggest you cross that bridge when you get to it.

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