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I found the contract it took me a minute but I have to attach

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I found the contract it took me a minute but I have to attach it so can I email this to you I can't copy and paste do you have a email address I can send this to

We can review it if you send it [email protected]

Attn: ZDNlaw re:
Ok, I've received the agreement and read through it.

From what I understand, you were working at the CCE yard when you had a disagreement with your sub and you were forced to pull a gun on him to protect yourself. As a result CCE suspended your contract pending investigation.

The first problem I see is that the actual contract that you have scanned and sent to us is expired.

It states "this agreement shall expire on ____ or the 90th day following the day it was signed and entered into..."

It was signed on 1/27/2012. So, technically, there is no written agreement between you and the CCX at this time. There is only an implied agreement for you to provide the same services for the same amount of pay, but it will be an implied agreement that can be cancelled immediately.

Are you certain there is no other written agreement you signed, or an extension agreement?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This is the one ever contractor has to have with them at all times. While I was waiting on your reply the terminal manager call to inform me that the company decided to terminate my contract be because I am a liability. It seems the disgruntle sub-contractor has called corporate office over the weekend to inform them of the incident over the weekend and he told them he plans to file criminal charges and civil charges and the company decided I was a liability. Although the police issued the sub-contractor the trespassing citation and informed him that if he returned to the yard he would be arrested for trespassing. So are you telling me there is nothing I can do about this.
Yes Ma'am. It does not appear that there is any course of action you can take against the comapny to remedy this as the company would be able to terminate at any time with or without cause anyway.

That being said, you can sue the sub-contractor for tortious interference with a contract. If he was wrongfully accusing you of untrue behavior and it caused the company to terminate the contract, this is illegal. Arguably, you had a right to pull the gun on him if he was threatening you and it was reasonable to do so, especially given the fact that you have a license to carry.

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