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Im working for a company where I was full time employed and

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I'm working for a company where I was full time employed and voluntarily stepped to a parallel status, however part time. My benefits were supposed to be cut, including health and vision insurance. Since I had my paychecks direct deposited and had only online paycheck stubs and my computer couldn't pull them up, I just found out that I have been paying for insurance I have not had access to and since my manager found out the mistake the hours I accumulated for personal and vacation days have been reduced without compensation. I love my job, but am not sure what to do...

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1. Has your boss told you how, or if he is going to reimburse you for the amounts taken out of your pay for insurance that you did not have access to ?

2. Is it the policy of your employer to have part time workers accumulate personal and vacation days ?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The insurance portion was not acknowledged. And no, part time employees are not supposed to accumulate time. I had 2.5 days of personal/vacation time that I was not allowed to use prior to going from FT to PT. As of this current stub, the accumulated hours changed from 42.38 and 17.26 to 1.21 and 2.02

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1. If part time employees are not permitted to accumulate any personal days or vacation days, then you would not be able to enjoy them. However, your employer cannot withhold the time you earned and accumulated while you were working on a full time basis. That could be reported to the US department of Labor, Wage and Hour division.


2. The employer must reimburse you for all amounts that were withheld for health insurance. That is yourmoney and you have a right to demand it,


I understand you when you state that you love your job, and I am not suggesting that you immediately report your employer on both situations, to the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division. I am suggesting that you inform your employer that in fairness to you and because it is the law, he must give you the personal/vacation days you earned while working full time and he must also reimburse you for the money that was being paid towards health insurance and to which you are not entitled,





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