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I work for a city library and pay union dues. For years we

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I work for a city library and pay union dues. For years we have worked over 20 hours/wk and were not offered any benefits (part-time workers). Now the new city auditor caught this and our hours are going to be slashed to avoid offering us health benefits. Can the union protect us in any way.

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The union representative will work to protect your interests and try to forcefully negotiate against cutting your hours and do the same for having health benefits offered to you. In order to have the union representative and you and your fellow union members on the same page, it would be a good idea to ask the union representative come back to you with all proposals of the City so that all of you can vote on them, rather than have the union representative keep you in the dark until the very end when it would be too late to object to anything,




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It appears that the employer could notify you either in writing or verbally that your promotion to a new position was confirmed or withdrawn.


Regarding the probationary period, regardless of what your employer might have verbally told you, the letter which gives you information on what to expect, states that the probationary period can be up to 12 months. Therefore, the fact that nothing was said as of the 6-month mark, does not affect the employer because the letter states that they had 12 months within which to decide. This is often done where 6 months is not enough time to assess or evaluate the employee in the new position and rather than make a mistake, they prefer to observe the employee for a longer period of time.


The letter also states that if an employee's promotion is not confirmed, then they shall be reappointed and the letter also states that the employer has the right to withdraw the adjustment and benefits that went with the promotion.


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