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Exempt Manager q

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I am an exempt Bank manager. The last part of march and into April I had several doctor appointments, about 7, to take care of different medical issues. I coordinated all of these well in advance with my assistant manager and it was mutually agreed upon that these times would not interfere with the operations of the bank. I would skip lunch on these days to assist in a lesser impact on the time I would go and return the same work day.In addition, during this time' I went on 4 lunches for one hour and 30 minutes. Two of those lunches we discussed business and had lunch on one Friday I left early to attend a wedding. My assistant branch manager was well informed in advance and gave me support. Before this period of Doctor appointments I had not attended anything out of the office and continually work through my lunch hour. With this being said, my assistant contacted my director and stated my non presence was being felt and that these appointments I had to attend made her feel alone and the frequency of them for that time frame coupled with my extended lunches caused her to feeluncomfortable, she t come to me first to discuss. I received an email from my director that my presence was important and gave my assistant permission to discuss this with me. I cal my listened to my assistant and stated that this should have been brought to my attention first and that theses all were coordinated with her blessing and knowledge. That my Dr. Spots were absolutely necessary and my lunches were coordinated a week in advance and I am exempt. IThat is all I said and thanked her for bringing this to my attention. My question and thoughts are this. This should have been discussed with me first, I do not report to my assistant, my director should have inquired about my side before telling my assistant to talk with me, this talk or issue should have come from my director and I am an exempt employee with medical issues that had to be healed. I contacted my director and said that I was uncomfortable with how this was handled. Their response was to let it go, don't worry' the assistant had good points and all is well. Move on. I still feel this was not an appropriate way to handle this. Please give me your feedback as I want to contact Hr. Thankyou
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First and foremost, I hope that your medical issues are now under control and you have gotten better.

You are correct in your assessment of the matter. Your assistant and the Director broke protocols. Your assistant should have come to you first to discuss the issue and then if she felt that she was getting a brush off from you, she could then go to the Director. I find your assistant’s action quite troubling since she appeared to have given you her blessing and then went behind your back to complain. You should watch your back because she may be after your job by the way she acted.

As for your Director, she should have come to you to discuss the matter instead of telling you to speak with your assistant as if the assistant were boss or your equal. You should send a formal letter to the Director expressing your discontent on how the matter was handled and copy the letter to your Human Resources Department. If your assistant breaches protocol once more, it should be cause for her termination.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
How can I confidentially talk about this.Beimg exempt should have disqualifued me from such scritiny and insubordinate coaching. I did send an email stating this made me incofortable. Concerned about rsmifications towsrds me.

How can I confidentially talk about this.Beimg exempt should have disqualifued me from such scritiny and insubordinate coaching. I did send an email stating this made me incofortable. Concerned about rsmifications towsrds me.

It would be preferable to make appointment with HR and speak with the Head of HR in confidence.

Let me know if you need additional information.

Thank you very for the positive rating.