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In Ohio. Hello I have a few issues with the private owner

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In Ohio.
Hello I have a few issues with the private owner of a golf club where I am the head professional.
1st. He owes me $4500 in back wages that he is not paid in full yet. This has been going on now for 8 months. I am getting my current salary.
2nd. He smokes cigars all day everyday in the clubhouse, in my office, in the proshop, always blowing cigar smoke in my face.
3rd. He has raccoons running wild in the ceiling of the clubhouse. The smell is horrible and finally a few ceiling tiles have broke through because they are saturated with urine and feces. He left the pile of feces and ceiling tile on the floor for a week before he picked it up, the hole in the ceiling is still there with a horrible smell coming from it. Yesterday we hosted an 100 person outing and he seated people directly under the hole and allowed people to eat there food in that environment.

Ever since I started working here over a year ago, I will get horrible headaches, diarrhea, nausea and now I know why, the raccoon feces is all throughout and I'm breathing it in 6days a week 12 hours a day.

I would like to know my legal options for getting my back pay and also taking legal action for gross negligence?

INFOLAWYER : Hello and thank you for the question. I am sorry to read of this dilemma.
INFOLAWYER : You have a few options
INFOLAWYER : You may lodge a complaint with the state labor department
INFOLAWYER : the agency can review and press for recovery, but the process can take a few months
INFOLAWYER : Another alternative is a more direct one - civil court action
INFOLAWYER : you may sue for violation of contract and violation of the fair labor standards act
INFOLAWYER : You may also pursue costs, interest and legal fees
INFOLAWYER : if others affected, may even be pursued as a class claim.
INFOLAWYER : In the latter option having a plaintiff lawyer pursue it for you on commission would be prudent
INFOLAWYER : I can suggest a directory for that, let me know if you would like one?
Customer: What about the hazardous work environment of the constant exposure to raccoon feces?
Customer: And cigar smoke?
INFOLAWYER : You may add that to the complaint on both avenues and this can increase your damage award
INFOLAWYER : especially where you incurred injury
INFOLAWYER : it would help if you have support through medical records of complaints about health in connection with such exposure
INFOLAWYER : But it would be a point to add to the complaints
INFOLAWYER : The labor board may also impose shut down order and rehabilitation procedures
INFOLAWYER : but from a personal recovery perspective, a court would look to extent of injury
INFOLAWYER : or loss
INFOLAWYER : Let me know if I can clarify anything
Customer: I have gone to the dr. Maybe 5 times for sinus infections and respitory problems over the year or so I have worked here, will those be "support documents" should I go to the dr and tell him my other symptoms?
INFOLAWYER : that is good evidence
INFOLAWYER : and the complaint would cite to that facr
INFOLAWYER : as the case develops you would get more records showing you have injury
INFOLAWYER : but you have more than an inconvenience, you have injury which is documented!
INFOLAWYER : I would suggest pursuing recovery using a personal injury/employment lawyer locally
INFOLAWYER : working on commission
INFOLAWYER : typically 1/3 of the recovery
INFOLAWYER : attempting settlement first, litigation second.
INFOLAWYER : and are good resources
Customer: Thank you. Do you have such contacts in the Toledo Ohio area?
INFOLAWYER : I wish you a full recovery and a nice outcome
INFOLAWYER : The directories I provided are excellent
INFOLAWYER : I use them and you can plug in location and practice
INFOLAWYER : and get some very good highly rated options
INFOLAWYER : I trust the answer is clear, fast and acceptable. Please click on a positive rating for the answer. Leaving a bonus is always appreciated.
Customer: Thank you sir for your time. That will help me decide.
INFOLAWYER : my pleasure
INFOLAWYER : very welcome
INFOLAWYER : Kindly rate the answer as Excellent
INFOLAWYER : (that is how I get credit for it by the site)
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