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The def atty has responded to an order of abeyance for 30 days

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The def atty has responded to an order of abeyance for 30 days to give the plaintiff, me, time to hire an atty before he rules on the def sj motion.

some of def objections were correct but the objections were of very minor technicalities that an atty would have known to address..

the judge wanted me to correct errors and authenticate my exhibits.

the def has objected to the revised, authenticated exhibits and is asking for a rule in their favor.

question: if an atty helps plaintiff without or prior to officially filing his representation of plaintiff, does that affect the sj decision.
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

To answer directly, that does not affect the decision from the courts. Many parties who appear 'pro se' and without counsel could still potentially obtain legal assistance without representation from outside counsel so as to ensure that their filings, answers, or responses are valid. What governs is the accuracy and validity of the documentation, not necessarily who prepared it. I say 'not necessarily' because if a non-attorney helps you and attempts to represent, then the courts would care as it would be considered unauthorized practice of law and it would be a crime.

Good luck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ty. next question

the def is arguing that The personnel office who authenticated plaintiffs exhibits, is now saying that he does not remember specifically what he authenticated..... and states that my exhibits are still not valid because of this....

the docs he authenticated helps my argument.....they argue that i told personnel emp that i represented myself..what is the significane of this.

As a courtesy I will respond to your next concern but as this question unrelated to your original question and JustAnswer has a policy of one question per posting, I would ask that any subsequent posts be separately listed going forward. This is not my policy, this is site policy and I appreciate your understanding.

The significance is if the parties cannot agree on what is authenticated and what is not could permit he defense to claim that none of the exhibits are authenticated and consequently seek to remove them from discovery and remove them from the case. The fact that you stated that you represented yourself and not via na attorney has no significance, not really, unless they claim that you were somehow coaching or counseling the other person as an attorney would. But beyond that there is again no law or regulation that a document has to go through authentication via an attorney, provided that you are self-representing. What may be an issue if if you are attempting to represent a business rather than yourself, that would not be permitted and that may be why the documents are going to be improperly authenticated (since a business can only be represented by counsel).

Good luck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for responding...since both questions related to authentication ......i believe that it is considered a continuation and if so i should click reply to expert, because it is related.

I was told this by the staff of just answer...

But thanks for the answers. Now i still have another question as a followup, but i will start as a new entry, thanks.

It was my pleasure to help out. Please let me know what else I can assist you with this morning! If satisfied please do not forget to positively rate my answers to you at this time.


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