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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
Category: Employment Law
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Experience:  I provide employment and discrimination law advice in my own practice.
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Hi, there. Can l ask you a questions? my lawyer is on the

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Hi, there.
Can l ask you a questions? my lawyer is on the trip. l have to ask you till he comes. thanks. let here from you first then l will ask you thanks.
Thank you for your post.

Sure thing, I would be happy to answer your questions. How can I assist you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
ok My question is that. l am filling out form pos-010. l have to serve two defendants who has one lawyer. one defendant is an individual and the other one is mortgage incorporation. now. in Item 3a l will right one of the name of the defendant right? and in item 3b l will write the name of their lawyer right? and in item 4 l will write the address of their attorney right? l am serving my mail. shall is send the mail with certified returning receipt to make sure they received it? Can my wife serve them since she is not part of the case? this is my question for now.thanks
Thank you for your follow-up, Teshome. Please allow me to respond directly.

Please understand that while I can answer your questions generally, I cannot replace your attorney and I cannot directly tell you what to do, what to fill in, or how to file. What I can say is that you fill in the name of the person, that is the defendant, on the form, and if they have an attorney or a registered agent (in case of the business), that is likewise listed as a party who is permitted to accept service along with their address for servicing purposes. Attorneys can and do accept documentation for their clients, so putting his name in would be wise. Likewise, sending the documentation as certified is also wise because then proof of notice exists that the letter was received. Your spouse, provided that she is over 18, can act as a process server.

Hope that helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
l still have a question for the same question l send you. can you give answer by each item no. l asked you please again. you answer is just general. it is not specific to my items questions thanks.

I would do my best to respond.

On the form you would need to place the name of the defendant who is being served and their address. If they have an attorney, then the attorney's name and their address has to be listed as you can serve the attorney instead. For those that have no attorney that step is not needed. Then send the documentation certified to ensure proof of delivery.

Good luck.
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