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wallstreetfighter, Employment Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
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Experience:  14 years exp, General counsel for National Corp. firms, Hostos College instructor, Represented employees in discrimination lawsuits
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I looked at the link that you gave me and it seems to state

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I looked at the link that you gave me and it seems to state that someone who works for a company with over 50 emloyees has to allow two weeks per year for serious health problems. As the cause of my son's problems are being narrowed down I feel certain that his doctor won't want him to work for a few months. Could you please clarify the length of time that he should be allowed.

wallstreetfighter : Hello I am a licensed attorney here to help you with your question, please review my response and do not hesitate to ask for clarification
wallstreetfighter : Under FMLA, the law allows for 12 weeks only of medical leave, if he needs more time, FMLA would not help him, and the employer can terminate him after the 12 weeks.
wallstreetfighter : If he can work part time, he can also apply for intermittent FMLA,
wallstreetfighter : which allows him to work and take days off for medical visits,
Customer: Do you happen to know why the link only mentioned two weeks leave for a serious health problem?
wallstreetfighter :
wallstreetfighter : I am not sure, the FMLA is 12 weeks, the link above is the DOL website from the government,
Customer: Does he have to make sure and file for this quickly before his place of employment takes and action?
wallstreetfighter : The State may have a lesser leave program, however since FMLA is a Federal law,
wallstreetfighter : the employer must follow the Federal leave
wallstreetfighter : Yes, he should notify in writing or email to his employe the need for FMLA leave,
Customer: Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX have him do this as soon as possible.
wallstreetfighter : Good luck, and do review the DOL link,
Customer: I will, thanks again
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