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Can a Texas teacher be fired. . .I have 12 years experience; (or certification pulled) by

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Can a Texas teacher be fired. . .I have 12 years experience; (or certification pulled) by teacher chatter in the hallway. STAAR testing day and we were waiting for our students to be released from activities. I made the comment, I'm so tired I could shoot myself. My team leader and her teaching partner took that conversation and told the office I had a gun and wanted to shoot myself! I know next year we need to let go a teacher in 3rd grade and the team leader wants to keep the new teacher. . .her student teacher the previously year.

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Yes, a Texas teacher can be fired. Teachers, in most other states are members of unions and have a great deal of protections against termination.


That being said, Texas doesn't have teacher's unions that effectively bargain with the state for those rights. The teachers in Texas only have those rights granted by the individual contracts with the state, which typically allows for some due process, but nothing to the level of a collective bargaining agreement.


So, your rights here are going to be dictated by your individual contract, if you have one, and the policies outlined by the employer here. If they have a process for termination, they must follow that process but they can terminate employees.

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