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i have a letter saying i claimed unemployement while working

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i have a letter saying i claimed unemployement while working i did because i was broke some of it partiall training that didnt realize i was getting paid whst can happen

Thank you for your question.

Technically what you have done is considered unemployment fraud. The state rarely criminally prosecutes these violations unless there is clear intent on your part to defraud the system and you did so for a lot of money. In your case, it was negligent at worst on your part and you are willing to voluntarily pay back the money without being forced to by the state.

You need to stay in contact with the state and tell them that you want to pay it back and ask for directions as to how to do that. They may assess a penalty against you as well, which you should pay without contest. The only other repercussion is that you may not have an offset against your unemployment eligibility the next time you claim.

Other than that, there should be not other ramifications if you follow up with the state and pay back everything plus the penalties.

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