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I work for a company in kansas, that tells me that I have to

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I work for a company in kansas, that tells me that I have to file a formal complaint about a person that comes in the company to visit this person is not a employee. I do not feel comfortable with this person in the build. I have made this clear with the people in charge.
I will give you a little detail about this person. Yes I know this person, personally. One of my family members also worked for this company but is know desceased. She would come in to work and check on him why I really could not tell you. She got to know a few of the workers. Well she caused so problems in my personal life with some of family members. I have voiced my concerns at work to those in charge, but falls on deaf ears. Why do I as a emplyee of this company need to file a formal complaint about this person? And who are they to decide if this important enough to stop her from comming in the building.

Thank you for your question.

Let's start with a proposition and work from there: Legally, your employer has the final say on who can and who cannot enter the work premises. If your employer disregards XXXXX XXXXX to have this person barred from the premises, then you have very limited options as to what you can do about it.

That being said, can you explain to me what your employer means by a "formal complaint"? Does this mean that they want you to complain to the police?

Also, can you tell me more detail about why this person should not be allowed on to the premises? Is there any criminal threat this person is making against you, or is she stalking/harassing you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No they just me to put in writting for them. this person has serveral court angry management against her. I am concerned that my sister has to deal with the person and if she get her upset she will take this out on me .

She has not threst me. I dont trust this person at all

Ok. Then I think you should comply with your employer' request that you submit a written complaint and state the reason that you do not want this woman to come on the premises. Tell them that it disrupts your ability to work and that the person has anger management issues that have been recognized by the court.

In the end, though, this will be completely up to your employer as to whether ban her from the premises.

The other option would be for you to request a restraining order from the police if you feel that she is a threat or is actually harassing you. If you obtain this, then she will not be able to come to your work anymore.

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