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I am a Baltimore City Public School Teacher. In June 2012,

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I am a Baltimore City Public School Teacher. In June 2012, my professional teaching certificate expired. However, BCPSS gives teachers 90 days past the expiration date to complete their requirements, which are to complete 6 CPC (continuing professional development) credits. This I did.

During the five year period prior to the expiration date, you also must have obtained at least 3 satisfactory ratings, which I also have.

The problem is that in October of last year, the Office of Certification sent me an email saying that I had to supply them with my SY10-11 annual evaluation. They indicated in the email that they had the SY09-10 and SY11-12 evaluations, (the bookend evaluations which they were able to obtain from their own files, on their own). But for some reason, they did not have the SY10-11.

Subsequent to that time, I did question them, asking why they did not have the SY10-11. I also asked how it was that they could require me to supply them with documentation which they should already have in their files (the originals none the less), I explained to them that I was only suppiied with the copy which was supplied to me. I did not receive an explanation that was satisfactory, in my view.

The problem came in that I could not locate my copies. So when I called them, I explained to them that I could not locate my copies, again asking them why they did not have the originals. The explanation I received was that their system had not been automated in SY10-11, so they had to rely on obtaining the paper copy.

My questions are: 1) If they are going to use as a reason for their inability to obtain the SY10-11 annual evaluation, that the system was not automated, then how were they able to obtain the evaluation for the year before (SY09-10), a year in which the system was also supposed to have not been automated and,; 2) Can I be compelled to supply them with documentation they should already have in their files?

Now I have received formal notification that my teaching contract will not be renewed. The reason – I have allowed my certifation to lapse, by not fulfilling my requirements.

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating ordeal you're going through.

Who actually provides you with the evaluation (I'm assuming its your principle or the school administrator)?

Have you contacted that person to ask for an additional copy or to inquire into this issue with them?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it is the principal who does the evaluation, and yes I have contacted both to ask for an additional copy.

Based on what you are telling me, it does not seem to be your job duty or responsibility for ensuring that paperwork on your evaluation gets to the Office of Certification.

It also seems to me that this complication has arisen because someone is not doing their job, and it is not your fault.

That being said, this does not sound like a legal issue at this point. The law does not require that a school district must renew your contract or that if paperwork slips through the cracks the school district has broken the law by allowing that to happen if they fail to renew your contract based on that.

What I would recommend you do is start making a lot of noise about this. The principle needs to act and be on your side on this issue and you may need to contact more people in the Administration and let them know what is going on and that a qualified teacher is about to lose their job because someone has mishandled paper work.
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