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Are employers allowed to ask employees to make outside appointments

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Are employers allowed to ask employees to make outside appointments such as medical and dental appointments, beforeor after their shifts? We'r a manufacturing company and coverage is difficult since our machines don't ever stop (we run 24/7). Also, are we allowed to ask them to give us advance notice of such appointment and if they don't they might not be able to leave work for that appointment?
Thank you for your question.

As an employer, you are absolutely entitled to ask (even require) employees to make any appointments before or after their shifts, and to require advanced notice of any appointments that are over a shift they are scheduled to work. That is not illegal in any way nor violates any laws. I am sure you are flexible enough to understand that emergencies and circumstances sometimes come up where that isn't always possible for an employee.

It would be a good idea that if you are going to institute such a policy that you add it to your employee handbook (if you have one) for all new hires, and put it in writing for all existing employees and have them sign a document showing that they understand and agree to the terms you have set forth.
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