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I am a supervisor in afghanistan and one of my employees got

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I am a supervisor in afghanistan and one of my employees got hurt on the job but refused medical care when i offered it to him,,,,if he refuses medical care or assistance and does not want anyone to know that he is hurt, do i keep it to myself or do i report it to my boss

Thanks for your question.

What kind of injury did your employee have?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

after he went to the doctor locally off post to his local afghan doctor they confirmed that he sprained his wrist and a few scrapes from his glasses that cut his face when he fell

Thank you for your response.

I would encourage you to go ahead and report this to your boss. These sort of injuries sometimes fall under OSHA rules for reporting and other federal workers compensation schemes (Defense Base Act). So, just to make sure you cover all your bases, the proper procedure would be for you to report the injury to your boss. Once you have done that, you are off the hook for any reporting duty you have.

If your employee chooses not to press a claim or to seek any treatment, then that's his decision in the end. But if for whatever reason he does, you don't want any allegation coming against you that you tried to hide it or did not report it. So, go ahead and report.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am a new supervisor and I am not osha certified to know the procedures as far as do i let the employee leave if he does not want anyone to know. but now just as you said, there has been an investigation because now the employee wants to be compensated for his 5 days off work and local medical bills. I reported it to my supply manager but she does not wants to be a silent part in this investigation. Do I let them know this in my statement. I didnt try to hide it but now we had two employees that were fired while im on vacation and they are waiting for me to arrive to get my statement. So Im really seeing if I have a leg to stand on incase they want to fire me too. I told my supply manager and i asked my safety representative available and she wasnt sure about what to do as well. what legal aspect do i have to protect myself


The best thing you can do is disclose what happen and say that you asked the employee if he needed medical treatment, and since the injury did not appear to be serious, you did not report it immediately. Also say that you asked the safety representative what to do, and she couldn't tell you. Tell them you have not been trained in what to do in these situations, so you feel you did the right thing.

Its your employers duty to train you. If they have failed to do that, they should not blame you for it.