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Hi my question was work related. Iv been working at the same

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Hi my question was work related. Iv been working at the same place for about 10 years and a new manager has been giving me a hard time. He made indications during our first interview that he would like to send me to another property. Which I was not intrested in. since then (I'm on salery) my work hours have needed to increase to a constant 60 plus hours per week, my job duties have changed and i'm not sure if i'm coming or going. I feel I'm being singeld out of given excessive amounts of work in comparison to other department heads.

There is nothing offensive by the mannor that tasks are given, but its constant bambardment, stop & go mircro managing, with words falling on deaf ears. I thought about filling a complaint with HR but numerious person have and I have not seen any action taken.

My question is there any legal action that can be taken for the work inverments listed above.

Thank you for your question.

It's a common misperception that workers have the right to a non-hostile work environment. However, the law is actually very heavily slanted in favor of the employer.

The reality of the situation is that the law does not require that you have a pleasant place to work, or that your bosses be nice to you, or even treat you fairly. So unless this situation is prompted by something which actually is illegal (which is retaliation for asserting a legal claim, or actions based on discrimination regarding race, national origin, gender, religion, age, and/or disability), then there is no legal remedy for you to assert.

Do you believe that your new supervisor's actions are based on illegal discrimination?

Do you have a written employment agreement which would otherwise prohibit your supervisor from asking you to work the extra hours?
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