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How much should i sattale my wrong full termination case?

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how much should i sattale my wrong full termination case?
You should settle it for all the amount of back pay you are owed to date plus an amount for future pay.
What is your rate of pay?
On what basis are you claiming wrongful termination?
What kind of job were you working?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was a electrician and i was getting $900 a week, and i am claiming for wrongful termination because they terminated me after i got injured( the nest day) while i was in hospital for my injury that happend at work.

my workers comp is paying my and i have a seprate file for my workers comp byt wrongfull termination is because they can not terminate me because of my injury.

If you have an ongoing workers compensation claim, then this should actually be considered part of that claim.
You said you have an attorney. Is your attorney not going to accompany you to the mediation?
I would ask for $216,000.00 to settle the wrongful termination claim. That represent five years of salary.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i worked for this company for 3 years and as soon as i got injured they fired me next and they did not wanted to go with workers comp they asked me if you do not file for workers comp we keep you working when ever you get better but i did filed workers comp and thats why they terminated me. my attorny told me sometimes wrongfull terminations goes to $1000,000 or even more because the place that i was working is a union so by law they can not terminate you because you got injured and that is a discrimation. so tommorow they want to settle my case and i have no idea what they gonna offer me and if i do not accept it what is next. the amount that you told me with the amount that i search online and my attorney told me is a big diffrence. can you give me more information please or if you need more spacific information let me know so you can help me more accurate.

I'd be happy to give you more information. Your attorney telling you that wrongful terminations in this type of situation sometimes pay out at $1 million is not untrue. However, that sort of payout is not going to be something you can accomplish without filing a lawsuit.
Damages in a wrongful termination case are based on the amount you are paid. Thus, when you think of how much money you want in settlement it should be tied to how much money you were making.
The facts of your case are egregious and you are definitely looking at a large payout. I would encourage you to not attempt to handle this on your own. You should hire an experience local employment lawyer and ask them to handle all the negotiations. You are not likely going to get a payout like this unless you hire a good lawyer and let them handle the case. You will have to file a lawsuit, which the lawyer should handle for you, if they do not offer you something tomorrow which makes you willing to settle.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i already have a attorny and i filled a wrong termination lawsiut almost 1 year ago and know after 1 year they tried to go for diposition but they canceled it after 1 week and they put mediation instead. because they do not want to go to triel. as i know they want to settle the case but i want to have a amount in my mind. Because my attorney get half of the money that they offer me so i do not want my attorney push me to settle the case so he can get his money. i want to settle it as high as possible . i did filed a lawsuit and i have a attorney.

That's good to hear. I think you should be looking at a top number and a bottom number. Your bottom number is ***** important.
Winning at trial is no guarantee, so you should really think about what you are willing to risk. However, given the limited information you have provided, I think a bottom number of around $200,000.00 is fair. I imagine your attorney will be starting at a much higher number than that.
Your attorney's advice will be best on this, but don't let your attorney push you below your bottom number. Tell him you want to go to trial.
Good Luck at your mediation.
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