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I am an RN who has been put on administrative leave as a result

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I am an RN who has been put on administrative leave as a result of a discrepancy with the disposal of a narcotics push med. I have been called in to meet with HR and told NOT to bring a lawyer. My questions - Should I attend this meeting without representation? And what is the worst that could happen as a result of such an error?

Thank you for your question. My rule of thumb is always be very wary when they tell you not to bring a lawyer.

This type of situation can have reprocussions which go beyond just potential disciplinary actions at your job and can result in civil fines and/or suspension of your license.

What kind of discrepency are we talking about?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To be more clear, I ASKED if I should bring a lawyer and was told that a lawyer would not be permitted in this meeting .... which of course made me worried.


My supervisor mentioned an incident with a bristojet which broke and a miscount of unused dilaudid. My best guess is that I may not have remembered to properly document the disposal of the unused portion of the dilaudid push medication. I did show the waste to a co-worker, but may have neglected to register the waste with the computerized dispenser properly due to severe understaffing.


I suspect that my employer is looking to reduce staff and I had already mentioned that I planned to move and find employment elsewhere in the near future. However, I have no desire to be released prematurely, let alone be FIRED! And of course, my primary concern is for my nursing license.


Nothing was mentioned, nor can I recall ANY possible issues with actual patient care or safety. Unless they pull something out of the blue or manufacture an incident, I suspect whatever disciplinary action is to be taken would have to relate to improper (accidental) documentation of unused medication.

Under these circumstances I do not think that there is any danger to your license. However, it could lead to early termination.

As there does not seem to be any danger to your license, I would not recommend insisting on getting a lawyer involved and I would go ahead and go to the meeting. Be very careful about any documents that they ask you to sign though. If there is anything that they ask you to sign where you are admitting to breaking any law whatsoever, refuse to sign it.
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