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I have been suspended from the Cleveland Clinic without pay

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I have been suspended from the Cleveland Clinic without pay since september 2011. I worked as a police officer for the Cleveland Clinic. I was suspended because I have a criminal case against me in the court system. I purchased homes from a fraudulent mortgage company and signed doctored documents without my knowledge to give you a short idea of my case. I am innocent of any wrong doing and that will be determined after the case is resolved. The clinic however just took my pay and kicked me out the door. The clinic never attempted to temporarily reasign me off the road as a police officer, or suspend me with pay. My court case is unrelated to anything envolving the clinic. I believe if the clinic had a union I wouldnt be going through anything like this. My H.R. representative called to terminate me on July 2nd 2012. The clinic called me back on July 24th 2012 to rehire me without pay still. I figured they realized they had no reason to fire me. I have only been charged not convicted of anything. I was in line for promotion before all this madness happened so that tells you that I was also a good employee. I was rated an exceeds employee on my evaluations at work for years. I have fallen in severe financial hardship and have recently file for unemployment. My question is what if any labor laws have the Cleveland Clinic violated against me and what should I do going forward?

Thank you for allowing me to assist you. Please keep in mind that I am answering your questions according to how the law actually applies to your case, not how one might wish it applied.


Cleveland Clinic has not broken any labor or employment laws, and you have no legal recourse against them for anything you described.


As an at-will employee (which you are unless you have a contract or union agreement), you can be terminated for no reason or any reason, even an unfair or bad reason. The exception is that you cannot be terminated for an illegal reason. Illegal reasons to terminate and employee include discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age and disability. It is also illegal to fire someone in retaliation for a legally protected act, such as taking FMLA or whistle blowing.


You were fired for a bad reason or an unfair reason. When this happens, your recourse is that you are eligible for unemployment benefits. But it is perfectly legal for your employer to fire you for a bad reason even if you are the best employee they have ever had.


I am sorry, I know this is not what you hoped to hear. But this is the reality of your situation. My policy is to just give the truth, rather than give false hope, only for it to end in more frustration for you later. I am only relaying how the law works to you, I didn't create it, please don't shoot the messenger.

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