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FedEx Single route/franchise no longer supported by FedEx

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We bought a FedEx franchise several years ago. Last year FedEx no longer supported a single route/franchise, had to own 3 or more. A group of 5 single route owners joined together early March 2011 and began the process to create a new corporation w/all 5 as equal partners. The "new" corp. was not complete by the time FedEx required that we either buy or sell in order to be up to standard w/3 routes. All 4 sold our routes for $1.00 to the 5th individual route owner with the intent to turn over the routes to the new corp. once it was final. That was 1 year ago. The individual now has complete ownership, the check each week comes in his corp. name and FedEx recognizes only him as owner. Besides that stupidity, we are trying to sell our route to a different route owner within FedEx and this creep won't allow us to sell. Wondering if it is legal to hold out our money each week from our paycheck personal spending? If we are paid "x" amount delivery and the rest he withholds without letting us know , can an employer do that? It is much more complicated than that, but that is as brief as I can get. Would like to take him to the cleaners with lawsuits so he'll be gently pursuaded to release our routes to be sold.

FedEx is not likely to resolve this matter since it does not harm them in any way. So a lawsuit may very well be necessary.

MO law is unfortunately not as strict as most states with regard to employee wage deductions. The law, unlike most states, permits an employer to take deductions shortages and other reasons as determined by the employer as long as it does not cause the employee to be paid less than minimum wage.

Here is a link that provides more information:

MO Statute 290.080 does require that the employer provide employees with a statement (usually a pay stub) at least once monthly setting out a description of the deductions from pay. Under 290.010, the employer must provide employees with at least 30 days notice of any wage reduction. It appears the employer has violated these statutes by not providing the required information or notice.

Here is a link that provides more information:

I hope you found my answer helpful.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

That info just saved me hours of internet searching and wasn't sure even what to look for. Any other suggestions of harassment that a local lawyer can pursue? I'm tired of trying to be nice.

I am very happy to assist you.

No, I don't have any other suggestions except that if you have a local attorney review your case, I would bet other violations can be found.

All the best to you!