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My wife is an RN supervisor in Dallas, Tx. She is not involved

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My wife is an RN supervisor in Dallas, Tx. She is not involved in the hiring process. The ratio of foreign(Nigerian or other native African) RNs to American born RNs is approximately 7 to 1. There are 45-50 RNs total. A new batch of nurses showed up for orientation this week and 5 of 5 are again from Africa. As a group, but not all, these nurses tend to be very confrontational with the supervisors which makes for a very uncomfortable setting. We are attempting to determine the reason behind this very obvious trend in the hiring practice. Other than the J1 Student visa, is there a tax break for hiring foreign nationals? This is just not a question she can raise with her employer.



There are no overall tax breaks for hiring foreign nurses for positions in the US -- however, many health care companies, being privately run, feel that the salaries paid to these foreign nurses are less costly in the long run than if they paid out the salary and benefits to US nurses. My bet is that these foreign nurses cost the company a lot less money than hiring some US nurses for the same position would cost and that is why the company continues to hire these particular nurses (they are probably using the same company over and over again -- that's why the nurses are from the same places).



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