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I was let go for behavior/conduct unbecoming of a store Manager,

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I was let go for "behavior/conduct unbecoming of a store Manager, " for Arhaus Furniture.
There was a story made up about me, by lies and gossip spread around. The next thing I know, I am being accused of something, I did not do, and have proof otherwise.

It was a personal attack on my character of which I denied and was not allowed to
clear my good name. My boss said the respect of my staff for me was lost and unretrievable and I was being terminated.

Now they are changing the original reason from the document shown to me at the time of term on the 14th of Sept. 2011 Can I sue these slanderers and can they fire me and change the reason days later?
Good evening, I have represented employers and employees and want to cover the issues you raise here.

The first issue is whether the termination is legal. Legally, they may let someone go without reason and for a mistaken reason. The exception is if the real is discrimination or if they have a handbook and violated it.

The second issue is can you do anything about it. You can try to negotiate reinstatement or a severance.

Third, can you pursue a slander claim. Yes, if your loss of work is the result of someone spreading false information you can pursue a claim for slander and tortious interference with employment. is good directory for your use for finding a local employment and litigation lawyer if you wish to involve one on commission fee basis.

Good luck!!

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