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I was just told my unemployment claim expired I live in Massachusetts.

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I was just told my unemployment claim expired? I live in Massachusetts. I have about 5,000 left in my account balance so im confused? I have been unemployed since August 2009. Can someone help me?

Hello. I am in Massachusetts and have the added pleasure of my husband also collecting unemployment benefits.


Do you know how many weeks exactly it is that you have collected?




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the help! Im trying to do the math now- I started collecting Aug 31 2009.. The last woman I spoke to said my claim was finished after sometime in June- she wasnt specific just said that after this claim I am out of benefits? But what confuses me is I had almost 5,000 left as a balance? I logged into to enter my information and I got a message that stated that I could reopen the claim if I worked in the last year and I should call the tele claim center. I have not worked but I thought when that balance ran out is when my claim would end... I thought I had at least a couple more months. I get 425.00 a week.. Will I be able to reopen with that remaining balance?!

Hello. Right now there are a total of 93 weeks available to MA residents (there were 99 weeks, but MA residents are no longer entitled to the LAST 6 week tier of benefits because our unemployment rate has dropped below 8.4%). Here is a link for the explanation of all of the tiers: lwdterminal&L=4&L0=Home&L1=Claimants&L2=Unemployment+Insurance+(UI)&L3=Information+on+Unemployment+Insurance+Extensions&sid=Elwd&b=terminalcontent&f=dua_extensions_overview_7_10&csid=Elwd


Now, when you reach EACH tier the unemployment office must add that amount of money into your claim amount and then you collect until you have exhausted that tier of benefits (some tiers are 20 weeks, some are 8 weeks -- see the chart I have linked you to above). When you exhaust that tier, the unemployment office typically will make you call them and reapply so that they can "re-set" the tier -- so you may very well have a few weeks left -- but your FINAL expiration date for benefits based on 93 weeks is probably sometime in June (2 years would be Aug 2011 -- that is 104 weeks -- so you are eligible up to 11 weeks less than a full 2 years, so you probably do not have that much time left -- if any -- because the last 6 weeks of benefits to the 99 weeks were cut off from MA residents a while ago).



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Im sorry one more quick question! Is there a difference between a claim expiring and exhausting a tier? It seems I am probably collecting EB benefits which from the explanation provided there are 20 weeks available to me. I am certain I have used some of the weeks but not all. I guess my question is it possible that they will "re-open" the claim for the last few weeks especially cause the woman referenced June as the deadline? I guess Im not understanding if Ive burned through the last tier or not? If you are not sure I understand I thank you for all your help!

In my husband's experience, they tell him that his claim is "expiring" when he is exhausting a tier -- they make no specific reference to the tiers of benefits or extended benefits when they give you the recorded message when you call in to claim benefits. He then calls and reopens to the next tier. Based upon my calculations, you may only have a few weeks of benefits left -- if any. 93 weeks is 11 weeks short of 2 years. So, if you can remember the week in Aug 2009 when you got your first check, you should count 11 weeks back from Aug 2011 (same week) and I believe that it ends sometime in June 2011.





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