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I am on unemployment (for less than a month). I have been called

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I am on unemployment (for less than a month). I have been called to attend state re-employment service orientation program. I am working already with the recruiters who are looking for the job in my area of expertise. Being listed with the state re-employment on their website will only prevent me from finding a job. How can I make sure that the re-employment service does not interefere with my job search without loosing unemployment benefits? Do I have to provide a written proof of job search to them at the orientation session? If yes, what would that be? What are my rights with respect to refusing to work with state re-employment? I am located in the state of NJ.

I am not exactly sure what your concern is but I can tell you this is the standard procedure for all new recipients of UI benefits in the State of NJ. The Reemployment Services Orientation is merely a group meeting during which you will hear a presentation on available services and training opportunities that are available through the State to help you become reemployed. Some of the available services include career and vocational counseling, job-related training in demand occupations, veterans' benefits, and a self-help center where you can use phones, FAX machines, photocopiers, and personal computers to conduct your job search. All available services are free and there is no requirement that you use any of the services. This is really just an effort by the State to inform job hunters what resources are available to them should the need them. So, although attendance at the orientation is mandatory, your use of their services are not.

That said, of course you have the duties given to you in your UI handbook to report your job search activity. You will want to follow those steps to make sure that you are correctly reporting your efforts so that you don't lose benefits. In essence, you must file a bi-weekly certification (Request for Payment) for each week you wish to claim benefits and you can do so online. In case for some reason you did not receive an handbook, you can find out what your rights and responsibilities are by looking at the guidance in the PR94, which you can find at:

I, like the other Experts on this site, am here to assist customers like you. However, we do so in anticipation of being paid for our efforts, just like other professionals do, since this is our livelihood and not a hobby. To that end, I am more than happy to clarify my answer to you and answer any related follow up questions that you might have for the value that you have offered for the question. In return, I ask that you show good faith in compliance with the TOS by accepting my answer, whether the news is good or bad, so that I will be paid for my efforts.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you. The question remains, do I have to provide a proof of ongoing job search or my recruiter connections to the re-employment services in order to show that I do not need to participate in their program?


The the letter from the state says:


'Failure to attend the orientation session or participate in program services without good cause may affect your eligibility for unemployment services...If you have recently received or are receiving reemployment services, or if you are in approved training, you may be exempted from further participation in this program. Please bring to the orientation any documentation you have to show your participation in prior or recurrent reemployment services or training. A decision will be maid at the orientation session regarding your need for aditional reemployment services."


The point is, I have all the means to look for a job and my own network of recruiters. I have submitted my resume to an employment agency. I am posted on, etc. Do these qualify as reemployment service? Do I have to disclose all the details of my job search to the state to show a good cause not to participate? Is this language in the letter truly a legal requirement? I am trying to establish my rights "by law" and what I have to do not to participate without losing my benefits.


My concern is that a resume can be submitted only once (by one recruiter) for the company to be considered. I already have my network of job hunters who are submitting me. I do not need re-employment service to post my information any further. I am trying to establish a procedure how to reject their ser

Hello again,

If you reviewed the reference I referred you to, you would see that there is a log that you will have to keep of your job search activity. In addition, as I mentioned, you will have to complete a bi-weekly report which includes information about your job search.

Your use of a recruiter is indeed a job search service and at your orientation you simply need to provide that information to the State. Assuming that the actions of the recruiter are on-going, then that would be "good cause" for not using all the services offered by the State. As I also mentioned though, you must attend the orientation as directed.