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I work with a disability. Recently, my manager has informed

Customer Question

I work with a disability. Recently, my manager has informed me that I will be required to travel and present to our members. These two requirements were always a part of the manager's job description. She is now imposing these responsibilities on myself and three other subordinate employees. I have worked partime for ten years for this company and only earn 11.00 an hour. Also due to the nature of my disability I would find it extremely stressful to fulfill these new responsibilities. I have already taken on some of the responsibilities of two of the three other subordinates and now I feel my boss wants me to take on hers as well! All for $11.00 an hour while she makes 6 times my salary! What are my rights as a disabled worker? Can I be fired if I refuse to comply?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Jane Doe Deer replied 6 years ago.

Jane Doe Deer :

Hello - yes, you can be fired if you refuse to comply.

However, there is a better option to try. Get a letter from your doctor asking for the reasonable accommodation of limiting your travel to whatever you're capable of - which may be none.

You may succeed with this because you've had the same job for ten years and haven't had to travel before.

The letter need not reveal the nature of your disability. That's private.

You have to be able to perform the essential elements of your job, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

I think it may be hard for an employer to say that travel is an essential element if you haven't had to do this all this time.

If you get forced to travel or are fired after you submit your request for reasonable accommodations, you would have the right to file a discrimination complaint and/or lawsuit.

May I be of any further help to you?

My best,


Jane Doe Deer :

Are you there?


Yes I am here. I don't think I made myself clear when I used the term "present". My boss is asking me to make presentations to members who will include science members with doctorates; instructing them on how to utilize our database. First of all I have a high school education. Secondly my disability by nature is adverse to public speaking. It would cause me extreme undue stress. My boss is asking me to do something that is in direct conflict with my medical condition.

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