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Jane Doe Deer
Jane Doe Deer, Employment Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
Satisfied Customers: 3896
Experience:  Attorney since 1986; Plain English - Discrimination, Fire/Hire, Non-Compete, etc.
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I resigned from the federal government because of constant

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I resigned from the federal government because of constant harassment , belittling, name calling, being picked on, bullied and my life threatened. I made a complaint to no avail. I resigned and later asked to withdraw my resignation, My resignation was not withdrawn. what are my options? What can I do?

Jane Doe Deer :

Good morning.

Why do you think you were harassed?

Jane Doe Deer :

Were any coworkers similarly harassed?


I was the new guy, the person to pick on, make fun of, kick around. And I am not smart.


I have no idea if anyone else was harassed similarly, I highly doubt it.

Jane Doe Deer :

There are a couple of paths to try.

One is discrimination, but has to be for more than just being the "new guy." It has to be based on protected class status, such as age (40+), disability, gender, national origin, etc etc. Does any of that apply to you? If so, I can provide more info.

The other is multi-parter answer.

If your life was threatened, file a criminal complaint. If local law enforcement (police or sheriff) won't accept the complaint, go straight to the prosecutors for a talk.

You can also file a lawsuit for defamation and having your life threatened. The lawsuit can have several issues, and can have several defedants (the company and individuals).

Please let me know if I can be of any further help!

My best,

Jane Doe Deer :



So who can I hire/get in order to pursue this a case of harassment?

Jane Doe Deer :

Let me ask - how long did you work there, and approx how much did you make per month?

When did you leave?

And what efforts have you made to find a new job?

These are some of many questions an attorney would ask you before taking you on as a client.


I worked there for about two years. I left in January and made about 40K/yr. I have signed up with my local unemployment office and have sent in MANY job applications

Jane Doe Deer :

OK, that's all good. An attorney will figure that you may be able to collect at least your wages since you left.

Would you like information about how to find/hire an attorney in your area?

You may have a basis for a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney will want answers to many more questions before agreeing to take you on, of course.

Jane Doe Deer :

Are you still there?

Jane Doe Deer :

If you have no further questions, please be so kind as to "accept"


One question, about how much would it cost for an attorney to get the answers to these questions.

Jane Doe Deer :

I'm sorry, answers to what questions? You mean what you asked, above? I may be able to answer them. Can you clarify what it is you're asking me?


You said that a lawyer "will want answers to many more questions before agreeing to take you on, of course." How much money will that cost?

Jane Doe Deer :

Oh, I see, thanks. Many attorneys who take cases on contingency (commission) will give you a free half hour consultation. More successful/busy attorneys will charge varying amounts for an initial consultation, but they usually discount their charge. If you go see a doctor, you usually pay over $100 for a 15 minute conult, so compare the costs to that.

In Virginia, here are a couple of places to find the types of attorneys who may be interested in taking your case (emphasize the death threats when you speak to them).


Don’t actually HIRE an attorney without first checking references. And don’t try to pick the attorney’s brain on the phone. Schedule an appointment and visit the office, like you would for a doctor!

Some attorneys, however, will agree to do the initial consultation for free on the phone. Just talk with the law office's receptionist to make an appointment.

May I be of any further help?

Jane Doe Deer and other Employment Law Specialists are ready to help you