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After being out of work for over a year in 2009, I decided

Resolved Question:

After being out of work for over a year in 2009, I decided to re-invent myself. Beginning 1-4-2010, I became employed at a local Norwalk State Farm Insurance agency. I studied/ passed my CT Property/Casualty License ( 4-5-2010). I was one of two full-time employees in this agency with a salary of $ 34,920.00 plus 4% commissions on issued policies.

On February 22, I learned that an Aunt had passed in hospice. This Aunt was more of a mom and my employer was well aware of her condition, my relationship with her since she was taken ill in mid December. On February 22, I worked the remainder of the day after learning that she had passed. I had no other information regarding services. I do have emails that I would like to send to you following this email where he states his position. I took February 23-25 off to grieve and attend services. On Monday, February 28, I came to work and he called out that he wanted to meet with me. He told me that he had done a lot of thinking over the weekend and he was "severing our business relationship" and he fired me. My response was " For attending a funeral?" He just nodded, followed me out of the office and gave me a box to put my things in. This decision came as a shock to me. I thought I had the option of taking the time with no pay or use vacation time. After his email clarified that I did not have 3 days, I was planning to use 3 vacation days but he never allowed me the option despite the choice of such in his own office procedure : handbook.

Has he broken any law?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney & Mediator replied 6 years ago.
Has he broken any law?


CT has no laws on how a private employer runs his business. Therefore no laws have been broken by a private employer. However, that said, the employer is bound to the terms of his handbook. If the employer provides for such vacation time and you are qualified to exercise that vacation time, then termination by the employer for having so exercised such vacation time is not considered a violation of the law but rather a break of employee agreement. To have a case you would need to show that 1) There is a specific term in the handbook addressing vacation time, 2) That you are eligible to take the vacation time and 3) You were terminated because of this (not do to misconduct on your part).


If this applies, you typically start with filing a grievance with human resources. If there is no positive outcome then you can decide whether you wish to pursue legal action against the employer.





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