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PA State Law on nepotism. Nepotism should be handled via a

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PA State Law on nepotism. Nepotism should be handled via a state ruling each state should be sum what different.

Under the PA law, there is only a general ethical considerations, but no specific prohibition in statute, however the Office of Administration provides nepotism guidelines.

The Management Directive provides a guideline saying that legislators shall not exercise direct and immediate supervisory authority over a family member. The PA Ethics Commission can view the following language has a nepotism prohibition, "no member shall participate as a principal in any transaction involving the Commonwealth or any Commonwealth agency in which he, his spouse or child, has a substantial personal economic interest (Pa. Cons. Stat. 143.5 ( c ).

This prohibition on nepotism only applies to government agencies and does not apply to private employers who can engage in nepotism all they want unless they have some company rule against it.

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