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I left a company that I worked for as a manager for over 10

Resolved Question:

I left a company that I worked for as a manager for over 10 years this past April. Despite a great record in achieving sales and profits, the person right above me (District Supervisor) would always be digging for faults in the operation. Tactics such as nasty notes via fax, lack of communication on employee issues, and threatening phone calls drove me over the edge and I left. I've been told to just let it go, as this is the past. However this is hard for me to do as although I do have a job now, the pay is not anywhere near what it was. Also, I am working near another one of my former employer's locations also under watch by the same district supervisor. What I see going on there is that policies that I was being singled out for not following and disciplined heavily for, are not being done at this location. Many more of the locations would probably also not be following the procedures that I was disciplined for. It is for this reason that I feel that I was singled out. Other things that are worth mentioning are that this district supervisor has many of her relatives working for the company and they are paid substantially more than the rank and file employees most of which make minimum wage or a little above it and work just as hard. Also worth mentioning is that I am white as is the district supervisor. Almost all other managers are Hispanic and a few were African American. The Human Resource Diirector is African American and is very freindly with the district supervisor,and I never felt that I was treated fairly by her. Please advise me of your opinion, as I guess my main issue is Why was I singled out for not following various company policies, yet nothing seems to be done to others in the same company who are not. Thank You for reading:       Frank  xxXXXXXXXXXXXX
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  LawGirl replied 6 years ago.

LawGirl :

If you can prove that your unfair treatment by the Human Resource Director had anything to do with race, then you may have a claim worth looking at. However, you will have to prove that you were discriminated against in a manner that led to negative actions being taken against you or causing you damages.

LawGirl :

To the extent that the working environment was unpleasant or critical, that is not illegal and you have every right and ability to leave employment and find a new job.


Thank you for your response. I believe a racial claim may be hard to prove and still cannot understand why if rules are good for one , why are they not follwed by others without the same consequences. I appreciate the advise,but would like to be refunded as much of the $58.00 as possible

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