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How do I write a rebuttal to a letter of reprimand Everyone

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How do I write a rebuttal to a letter of reprimand? Everyone in the company was told we were now using a new travel log to reduce the amount of paper used. The old travel log was submitted monthly and the new log is to be submitted weekly supposedly. The owner of the company closed her email with "if you have questions, please let me know". So I asked how this would reduce paper if we are now sending the log more often. Today I received an email with the subject: Counseling and the message ....please review the attached counseling statement.... When I opened the attachment it was a letter of reprimand and it discussed not only this recent situation but also 2 issues, one from 15 months ago and another from 4 months ago. How should I go about a rebuttal and should I discuss the past issues in a rebuttal?
Address your response to reprimand to the owner here .You do it in letter form and then proceed to refute each item.I would refute all here and present your rebuttal or discussion.I would take each item and then address it which as much space as you need.It makes written record of your version of events.Sign it and submit it here and ask that it be placed in your hr file here.


Re: My Response to letter of reprimand.

Dear Mr Jones,

I am taking the opportunity to respond to the letter of reprimand issued to me on ...
I want to take the time to respond to each of the items raised in it.

The first item raised in the letter was that I....

The second item raised was

The third item presented was..

And then a paragraph that you feel that overall you were not given opportunity to present these facts so that they could be given fair consideration and seek modification of these allegations.

Sincerely Yours.

Something like this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok, I just need a better suggestion about the email issue because I was only asking a question and giving my opinion and now I'm being accused of being disrespectful or "insubordination". Thank
You would deny that you meant to be disrespectful here and that you only wanted the opportunity to set the record straight and offering your opinion of the situation..You have the right to present what you feel is the truth here in a non confrontational manner.
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