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Had an employee come in and quit with no notice. We had paid

Resolved Question:

Had an employee come in and quit with no notice. We had paid for a seminar for her to go to that weekend in another state for $650 and there was no cancelling/refund because you had to give 2 weeks notice. This seminar just so happens to benefit her in her new position which is with a nurse pracititoner who use to work for us. We deducted the cost of the seminar from her last paycheck because the seminar training was suppose to benefit her employment with us. She comes back to us with employment law regarding deductions from paychecks without notice. She did not give us 2 weeks notice and set this up to work to her benefit and her new employer's benefit. Do we have to pay her back?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  LawGirl replied 6 years ago.

LawGirl :

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, you cannot unilaterally decide to take a deduction from your employee. She is entitled to her entire paycheck. To the extent that you believe that you are entitled to reimbursement, your recourse would be to take her to court and get a judgment against her.

JACUSTOMER-qoxkqrmd- :

Regretfully, that would not be cost effective. She did not give 2 weeks notice - is she entitled to any vacation time if she has any left?

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Expert:  LawGirl replied 6 years ago.
I completely understand your situation. Unfortunately, if she is an at-will employee, she did not have a duty to give you 2 weeks notice. Unless you have a contract or employment agreement with her which requires 2 week notice, she is under no legal obligation to provide such notice. If you pay out accrued vacation time, then she is entitled to payment just like any other employee who parts ways with your company. If generally you do not pay out accrued vacation time or vacation time does not accrue at your company, then she may not be entitled to such pay.