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I subcontracted for a company in May and still have not gotten

Customer Question

I subcontracted for a company in May and still have not gotten paid the $7,000 for the work I did. The contract stated they would pay within 30 days of sending my invoices. After one excuse after another since May I just got an email saying they would pay me a $1000. a month for the next 7 months. Do I still have a good suit even though they offered the payment plan? Should I accept the first check if I want to take them to court?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  LawGirl replied 6 years ago.

LawGirl :

If the original terms of payment were not monthly, then you can sue them to force them to adhere to the original contract terms. Be careful before accepting any payment on a proposed payment plan. The opposing party may try to argue that payments are being made in settlement of the outstanding claim. If a court finds that you have accepted payment in accordance with a perceived settlement, that may lessen your ability to bring a lawsuit.

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