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what does this mean in english? Filed for unemployment fired from job on jan 21, 2010. I got another job around that date, and worked untill march 20 the job between jan 21, and march 20 was a parttime job, Do I have to work a certain number of week before I qualitify? I was let go from first job after 25 years for a company policy. I though I had two work 6 weeks on next job or make $1296.00? can you explain this. if I do not have check stubs how can I prove how long I worked there? everybody is fighting this like there life depends on it. If I cannot get unemployment don't no what I will do.
Hello. Thank you for submitting your question and allowing me to assist you.

I can understand your frustration. I do not know what state you are located in, which can affect the requirements but generally Monetarily Ineligible means as you guessed that you did not work long enough or make enough money to qualify for unemployment. Also, if you quit the second job that could have an impact.

I recommend that you call the investigator on your case. Explain that you though you were suppose to look for work so that is what you did -- got another job after the job you were fired from. Ask her to explain why you can not get a charge back charged to the first job.

Also, ask them to tell you when the base year period starts and exactly when you can file again. This does not mean you are completely out of luck -- just that you don't qualify right now.

Also, you can appeal the decision. You should go to the company that you worked for and ask them to give you a printout of the wages earned. If you deposited the checks at your bank you can get copies of the checks at your bank to show your wages. That may be sufficient to prove the a wages earned in the base period.

I wish I could help you come up with a magic formula to get your unemployment. I think you best option is to call the investigator or help line or go online to the unemployment office for your state. They can provide the information or it should be online.

Best of luck. I hope things pick up for you soon. Please let me know if you have other questions.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am in the state of ohio, the second job I got they let me go because lack of work. but what they told unemployment was different, they said I could not do the job , which was a lie. I appealed that decision and it was reversed in my favor. so I filed now they are saying I did not work there long enough. they will not print me off a copy of my hours and I did not alway deposit checks in bank. is there any way to find out thru public record or something how much money I made fromm them? thanks for your Help

This is a very frustrating situation and it sounds like the employer is being unreasonable.

Did you not keep any check stubbs? If you kept any of them then you can use the ones you have to figure out the other weeks. For example if you have week #1,# XXXXX #5, you can complete an affidavit and send it in stating that you worked the same hours every day each week. Therefore weeks #2, #3 and #6 would be the same and then the total might be enough to establish the base wages.

Also, you could try to get statements from others you worked with to say that they worked the same hours and if they have their check stubbs and they were paid the same then you could attach those to their statements and

If you have other things that show the week you worked, such as parking tickets or transportation tickets you could use that to prove you were in the area on the days you said you were there.

You need to contact the investigator and ask her or him to have them produce a copy of the tax information (FORM 940 or FORM 941) and the tax information the employer is required to submit quarterly. Ask the investigator to review the records. The only problem is that they may have lied on the forms.

I would go forward with the appeal and try to get witnesses to come to speak to the days you worked. It will at least make the employer lie under oath if they are going to lie.

Best of luck. I hope things pick up for you soon. Please let me know if you have other questions.

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