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I was an independent contractor for a roofing company, I was

Resolved Question:

I was an independent contractor for a roofing company, I was their sales manager. When a male sales rep made crude sexual comments to a female rep, I reported it to the company. The said the as long as the male rep was bring in good money, they didnet care what he did. I said I could not enforce that policy an dwould have to leave. The owner said it was difficult having a female sales manager anyway, that women were too hard to deal with. The owner told me that I would receive my full commissions and receive my override pay in full. We had a dissussion about a perticulat project today (all over email - in writting), The owner became enraged and has now sent me a legal document for me to sign, it states that I will only receive my sales commissions and that "these commissions are more than I am due", and it states that I cannot be covered by any thing such as sexual discrimination etc. I need a good lawyer!! Dawn
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  PA_Employment replied 7 years ago.
Depends on what you want... Do you want paid to date and to leave? Or do you want to pursue a state or federal sexual harassment claim, and possibly receive more?

A local lawyer who handles these cases is your best guide. (You can try the matching link at to find a local lawyer) I would meet with them before I sign anything... As you may waive all your rights to pursue a claim if you do.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I just want my commissions and overrides, and I dont want ot say that they gave me more than I deserve, and it seems CRAZY to waive my rights. I need a lawyer to get them do what they promised dont I? I am a person with standards - I left over someone elses sexual harrassment! I dont want to make a huge dea of this, but I guess I may have to right? I dont have much money, is this going to be expensive?

Expert:  PA_Employment replied 7 years ago.
You lawyer will have to negotiate for you to get eh overrides... since they are not offering them.. BUT a lawyer could cost several hundred dollars, or much more (thousands for litigation) so if the amount of the overrides is less than $500.00 it might not be worth pursuing.. HOWEVER, you should still get a local sexual harassment lawyer to evaluate your claim, as it might have value far in excess of what your are owed....

ALSO here is a good read that will help you with your options -
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank you so much, it was nice, especially at this hour, to have someone to talk to. I wish you were local! Have a good night!

Expert:  PA_Employment replied 7 years ago.
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