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I was recently fired from Chase Bank as a Business Banker. I

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I was recently fired from Chase Bank as a Business Banker. I was fired because I took a loan aplication for a Business that is owned by a family member of mine. That particular Business Account was assigned personally to me becasue of the large balances in the acct. and also becasue that acct was opened at my branch by another individual months prior. The acct was in my book of business. When i took the loan application I ask the branch manager of the bank to sit in with me during the whole aplication process and was never alone. I even told my direct report the Area Manager that i had a family member coming in for a loan apllication. The loan was not approved for lack of cash flow. 2 weeks later I recieve a visit from corporate security as to why a did a loan application for a family memeber. I mentioned everyone was aware and everything was disclosed and i was never alone. The error was i did it on my computer. I was still fired becasue i broke policy as to Do no transactions for friends or family.
Now i was denied Unemployment Benefits becasue i was fired. I really considered it a minor violation because of the situation and the fact that they still paid me my bonuses and incentives for the month prior which they usually dont. Do i have a wrongful termination case and is there any chance to appeal the unemployment compensation desicion as the a minor violation and win?

Texas is an at-will state, which means employees have very few rights. Wrongful termination claims are generally only available if the employer retaliates or terminates you:

  • For whistle-blowing on violations or crimes
  • For refusing to commit illegal acts for your employer
  • If the firing violates specific terms of an employment contract
  • For discrimination on the basis of your age, race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or for taking maternity or family medical leave

If none of these are present, you really don't have much to go on.

Also, if you were terminated for cause as alleged, UI benefits aren't available. However, you should appeal as the appeals administrative judge may see things differently than the first one did in terms of whether you were fired for cause.

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