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I was just informed that I was being let go from my Sales position

Customer Question

I was just informed that I was being let go from my Sales position and that the company was going in another direction. I am currentlly #1 in sales with this company and I am due another commission check. I do know that someone that has been with the company for a long time does not like me because I speak my mind and will debate in a professional manner. I want to know if the company has to have signed written warnings in order to fore me. When I worked for another company I managed numerous employees and we had to have a writtten Warning, is that still the case. I was told the firing was done after a performance review??? My performance has been great. Also if I am let go to I still qualify for unemployment? Thank You
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  JPEsq replied 8 years ago.

There is no law that they have to give you a written warning. As an at will employee (which you are unless you have a contract) you can be fired for no reason or any reason at any time. The exception is that you cannot be fired on the basis of an illegal reason. Illegal reasons are discrimination based on race, national origin, color, gender, religion, age or disability- or in retaliation for a legally protected act, like whistle blowing or taking FMLA.


So yes, they can fire you just because they don't like you.


But, you should be able to get unemployment since you were not let go "for cause." Unemployment is available to anyone is unemployed through no fault of his own. Generally if you quit or are fired for violating company rules, you can't get it. But you should be eligible.