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Lady Themis
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Category: Employment Law
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I need legal reasons not to hire a person. I dont want to violate

Resolved Question:

I need legal reasons not to hire a person. I dont want to violate EEOC policies
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Lady Themis replied 7 years ago.

What is the reason you don't want to hire this person?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They were not the best person interviewed. I had 2 slots and 14 applicants. they all have the academic qualifications but their interviews didnt impress me. I only hired one. I work for the state and I asked HR to repost and now HR & EEO want me to document why specifically I didnt hire the 13 others. I need to know what I can say and not say?
Expert:  Lady Themis replied 7 years ago.

The EEO is concerned with discrimination. Discrimination occurs if you failed to hire otherwise qualified applicants based on their age, disability, national origin, pregnancy status, race, religion, or sex. You can indicate that of the 14 applications, you only believed that 1 was qualified for the job, despite their academic qualifications. You can state specifically why their interviews didn't impress you and why you felt they weren't good candidates for the position. As long as the reason you didn't hire the applicants wasn't based on one of the above protected qualities, the reasons you failed to hire these applicants is legal.



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