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I am a former employee of Frito-Lay Inc, a PepsiCo company.

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I am a former employee of Frito-Lay Inc, a PepsiCo company. When I applied and was hired to work for Frito in May of 2007, I did not have a felony charge on my record. As a matter of fact, my record was totaly clean.
In August 2009 I was suspended without pay for a charge of Theft by Enbezzelment, a charge that came up over 2 years after I had been working for Frito-Lay by a totaly different company that had happend years before I ever worked for Frito-Lay. In September of 2009 I was terminated for that charge, which had absolutely nothing to do with Frito-Lay. I was told that if I had had that charge when I started, I would have never been hired, but the fact is I did not have the charge and was a model employee for over 2 years. Recieving many awards and never been written up for any offenses the whole time I was employed there. Should I be punished by Frito-Lay for something that did not happen to them? Is it worth having someone look at this for wrongful termination? Thanks, D
Legally the employer has discretion in such matters. it is not fair but it is also not illegal. You have a claim if the reason is tied to your race, gender, age, nationality or religion.
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