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is it legal if i was fired without any notice from my job at

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is it legal if i was fired without any notice from my job at 711 for being late 2 times in a year of employment

Dear sohnja Krvenski-hag,


In the U.S. employees who do not have a written contract of employment or a union contract that specifies employees may only be fired for certain reasons are considered "employees-at-will". Employees-at-will can be hired or fired at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. Unless a termination is due to discrimination for race, religion, color, national origin, etc., or otherwise violates the law (such as for being a whistleblower and reporting illegal actions) most firings of employees-at-will are considered fine. But, if there was a policy that an employee had to treated in a certain way (such as given warnings, etc. before termination or if a policy (either verbal or written) said employees would only be fired for certain reasons) and that was not followed, then an employee may claim wrongful termination.





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