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Can I sue my employer for not giving me a raise after working

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Can I sue my employer for not giving me a raise after working with the company for over a year and being told I would get a raise on numerous occasions

Well, it seems that if you were approved for a raise, your acceptance wouldn't have an impact or expiration date. Also, the explanation from HR doesn't make sense, because they can simply give you a raise. So, I think you are being sent mixed signals.


In Texas, you are an "at will" employee without having a written contract or union membership. The wage you receive is strictly open to negotiation between you and the employer. Ot, as stated, the employer can simply give you the raise without any discussion at all. This is the normal course of action.


As far as suing the, no. It would be good money after bad. Unless you have something in writing that promised a raise on a date certain, it is not likely to go anywhere.


If you do have information in writing, you should definitely visit with a local employment lawyer and sit down for a consultation. There is no substitute for that.


I hope this helps.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do you think if I contacted HR they would be able to fax documentation about my raises that were put in, so I can have proof? The company I'm referring to is Jack in the Box, they are such a big company I do feel sueing them might be a waste of my time but I am not the only one their doing this to at this particular store and I really feel this is wrong and want to do something about it.

I honestly believe you are being played. Companies that large really have very little interest in the employees, especially that industry. In the long run, you will be better off moving on.


I agree that it would be worth a shot at getting some documentation, definitely worth a try.


But, don't throw any money at this.